15 Uses for a Strucket

It seems these days there is a gadget or widget for every little thing we do or want done. It is not surprising Facebook marketplace and Gumtree are peppered with oodles of products that people purchased on a whim thinking it would solve their problem. Only to find its single useness was useless.

When you find a product that you think is good for just one thing but turns out to have many uses, you embrace it and the challenge is on to see how many more ways you can put it to use.

Everyone … meet Strucket. It is one of those products. Originally designed to make soaking dirty nappies cleaner and more hygienic, every week, there is a new post on Facebook showing another way to use this handy product.

So … we decided to do a count and so far, we are up to 15 uses. Can you add to our list?

  1. Toy tidy up – if you have little ones, you know that cleaning up can be an ongoing job. Strucket is light enough for preschooler to carry so you can get them to pick up their toys.
  2. Toy clean up – sometimes those little fingers are covered in all sorts of things and the toys need a good clean. Load up the cars and blocks into the strainer and dunk in some hot soapy water to get all the nasties off.
  3.  A home for Lego – this tip is a two in one. Strucket is a great place to keep and story Lego and to give it a regular clean using the strainer and bucket together. But you can buy a couple and you have four containers to keep all the different pieces.
  4. Golf balls – to clean golf balls put them in a Strucket and submerge the balls in white vinegar or ammonia and let them sit for a few hours. After the balls soak, drain using the handy drain, then towel to rinse and dry each ball.
  5. Camping – the next few tips are for camping. This one is carrying water back to your camp site
  6. Camping – having a few ciders around the fire in the evening, use your Strucket to collect your crushed cans for disposal later.
  7. Camping – no one wants to go into the tent with feet covered in sand, keep your Strucket at the entrance so you can clean your feet and use the strainer to put your thongs in for a quick clean.
  8. Collect water – now the strainer is a Strucket can serve to filter out larger organic bits if you are out camping and need to boost your water supplies. You can put some cheesecloth on the drainer to filter out the smaller bits you cannot see for some clean drinking water.
  9. Cleaning food – did you Strucket is food grade? Ah ha … sure is. This means for those who like to make jams, preserves or sauces, you can use Strucket to soak, strain and drain the veggies and fruit before weaving your magic.
  10.  Drink cooler – load up the strainer with ice and pop in your fav party drink to keep them cool. So, you do not have to put your hands in the freezing water, pull the drinks out using the strainer.
  11. Washing the car … a boat … a door – in fact washing anything around the house. Strucket is awesome because you can fill the bucket section with soapy water and instead of having to put your hands into the dirty water, you can pull the sponge out using the strainer.
  12. Weekend sport – fill up Strucket with ice to keep the oranges and juice boxes cold for half time refreshments. Instead of taking home an esky filled with half melted ice, you can drain off as the ice melts.
  13. Dying clothes – instead of also dying your hands, use a couple of Struckets to dye and then rinse. The cool thing is when you are finished, you do not have to tip the bucket up and risk spilling on the floor and benches; use the drainer at the bottom to empty the bucket with ease.
  14. In the kitchen – beans and lentils need to be soaked overnight before cooking. You can use Strucket to prep food ready for the big yummy dhal you are making for the family. Or you can use it to soak nuts in preparation for making almond milk.
  15. Fishing – a weekend hobby enjoyed by many. Use a Strucket to keep the fish caught and when you are ready to filet, just pull out the strainer and away you go. Once done, you can put the fillets back into the bucket section to keep cool and fresh.

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